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Instore Naturopathic Consultations

We’re passionate about your wellbeing.

What is a Naturopath?

A Naturopath is a holistic health care practitioner that focuses on finding the root cause of health ailments and uses modalities such as nutrition, herbal medicine, tissue salts, flower essences and homeobotanical remedies to bring balance back to the body.

The role of a Naturopath is to guide the person and facilitate their body’s own natural healing mechanisms.

This approach to health helps people to get well and stay well.

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What can a Naturopath help with?

Naturopathy can benefit all types of health concerns from digestives complaints, skin issues, stress management, hormonal issues or mood disorders just to name a few.
Naturopathy can also be a great option for children’s health problems.
If you have a health concern you are always welcome to get in touch and ask if a Naturopath would be right for you.
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What to expect for your consultation

Initial consultations are approximately 60mins.

During this time we discuss your current health concerns and also gather information about your health history and talk about the function of other body systems.

This holisitc approach helps to get a good understanding of your whole wellbeing and can indicate possible root causes.

This information is then used to develop your individualised Wellness Plan which will usually be delivered to you at a follow up appointment 1-2 weeks after your initial consultation.

Functional medicine testing is also available through the clinic.

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Initial Consultation: (60mins) $99 – includes a complementary homeobotanical remedy.

Follow up Consultation: (30mins) $55

Optional testing and recommended remedies are additional to consultation fees.

Legal Disclaimer:
All information provided in the Vibrant Health store and clinic is for information purposes only and not to be used as diagnosis or in place of medical treatment.

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